NFL Ratings Are In For Thursday Night Football, and They’re Pretty Ugly

Thursday NFL games have never had the numbers that Monday or Sunday games have. But after the anthem protests, they’ve taken an even deeper dive in attendance and ratings.

Even in a game where nobody actually took a knee to protest and where the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has forbidden protests, the numbers were abysmal.

The Cowboys versus the Washington Redskins is a big match-up generally, as the Daily Caller notes, being “one of the most storied in the NFL” with two teams who are “historically popular with their rabid fan bases.”

Yet that didn’t seem to help much on Thursday.

That was not on display in Dallas.

Check out some of the tweets about the attendance.

From Biz Pac Review:

The game captured a “10.7/18 result in metered market ratings on NBC and the NFL Network,” according to Deadline Hollywood, which also tried to spin the dismal results by calling them “its best viewership of the sometimes ratings-challenged 2017 NFL season.”

The Monday Night Football game just a few days before also registered an all-time low with a 6.0 rating in metered markets, seemingly prompting President Trump to tweet:

Deadline Hollywood noted that the game was still up by 10 percent over the dismal Thanksgiving match-up between the Redskins and the Giants, but given that both those teams aren’t in the playoff picture whatsoever, it would have been hard for the next game not to do better.

And if Americans weren’t disturbed enough already with the NFL, now comes the report that the NFL is considering making a deal with the protesters to take money that the NFL had allocated for breast cancer and Salute To Service military programs and giving it to social justice programs.

So not only are they going to allow protests but they’re going to remove the money that had been allocating to help the military and give it to the whiny players to spend on leftist endeavors.

That will likely endear them to the already angry fans. Not.

The NFL has taken a severe hit since the protests restarted this season in the wake of criticism from President Donald Trump.

If last night’s game is any indication, the slide is continuing and the NFL is in big trouble.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]