Dem Congressman Confesses: We Are Against the Tax Cuts Because Poor People Would Be Jealous of Rich People

In the wake of the Republicans passing their huge tax reform bill, liberals were desperately trying to find any reasons for knocking the deal. It’s hard to argue against something that puts money in the pockets of 80% of American households. But one of the worst motivations for a disturbance at the deal came from Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), who made clear it’s all about stoking class envy and jealousy.

Rep. Lieu is known for his crazy far-left tweets.

But this one takes the cake. 80% of American households are getting a tax cut. But Lieu explains why Americans are going to be upset with the bill.

Here’s his tweet:

The Daily Wire states the obvious, at least to most people, although apparently not Rep. Lieu.

Now, it’s true that people at the bottom end of the earnings brackets get less back from the government than high-income earners. That’s because they pay far less in taxes. If you slash tax rates, those who pay more in taxes will see a bigger benefit.

But that’s the entire problem from Lieu’s perspective: if the poor man gets to keep a small amount of money because he’s poor, that’s unfair. Instead, he’s being robbed, since he has some sort of right to the rich man’s money.

So Americans are going to be upset because they’re selfish? Oh, that’s a great argument.

Lieu assumes that Americans are dumb and wouldn’t understand the concept of percentages.

And he thinks that people will buy into his pushing class envy.

As Daily Wire notes, that’s pretty immoral.

Most people get that if someone other than they do makes money, that they don’t have a right to that money. It isn’t the government’s to redistribute.

And people also get that tax cuts that help businesses also help others because they then can give bonuses, raises and hire more workers, as several companies including AT&T, Comcast, Wells Fargo and Fifth Bancorp immediately indicated they would in the wake of the passage of the bill.

People let Lieu know they were not stupid.

And that it means the rich are already paying much more than Sally in taxes.

Lieu tried to justify it by saying that taxes were necessary to pay police and firefighters.

And this Democratic representative had to have it explained to him that the federal government doesn’t pay for that.

And a resident of California let him now that she was holding him responsible for his failure to lower state taxes.

The NY Post’s John Podhoretz summed up the Democrats’ reaction.

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[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]