Rush Reveals the Real Reason Dems Are Straight Panicking Over Tax Reform Passing

When it comes to political analysis and knowing what’s going on with the conservative movement it doesn’t get much better than Rush Limbaugh. There are a lot of smart guys out there in conservative media but Rush is still considered the top dog. For good reason, the guy is operating on another level.

Today, Rush spent a good chunk of his show talking about how liberals are lying to the American people about what’s in this tax bill and pointed out a reason for the liberal hysteria.

Maybe, they are acting so unreasonable because they are frightened about something.

What are they scared of?

Rush has the answer…

From The Daily Wire:

The real reason the media and their Democratic political counterparts are seizing on any possible point of criticism, no matter how absurd, is that they are internally “panicked” over the possible impact of the tax reform victory on 2018 and beyond. In the back of of their minds, Limbaugh suggested, is what happened after the Reagan tax cuts.

“[T]he Democrats think that they have won the House. It’s just a matter of the calendar playing out. They also think that this tax cut bill is gonna be a huge disaster. And it is. But for them,” said Limbaugh. “It’s gonna be every bit the disaster for them that the Reagan tax cuts were in 1981 and ’84. It’s gonna be a repeat.”

While Democrats are hoping that their “brethren in the media” can “muddy the waters” on the tax savings that a vast majority of Americans are about to enjoy, Limbaugh predicted that Americans will end up rewarding the Republicans — and the Democrats are now increasingly suspecting this, too.

Maybe the Democrats know a little more about history than they let on?

The following picture has been spreading around the internet today and it backs up what Rush is saying.

That’s the 1984 electoral map that got Reagan elected to another term following his tax cuts during his first term.

Not bad, huh?

The media keeps saying that this tax plan isn’t popular. Yeah, because the liberal media is lying about it 24/7.  If people knew what the plan was actually doing there is no way they wouldn’t like it. People will soon start finding out that there taxes are indeed going down and that’s when they will realize they were lied to yet again.

Republicans are in pretty good shape here.

The economy is already booming and this tax plan promises to make it even better.

Trump with a strong economy? No way he loses in 2020.

Democrats freaking out this badly about the bill is a great piece of evidence that they know it’s good. Think about it. Democrats would never come out and praise something Trump did. They would never admit that he’s doing something to help people. They will oppose him at every turn. However, there are different levels of opposing something. They can criticize him and move on or they can double down and completely lose their minds the way they are currently doing. The fact they are overreacting so much means they have to be scared of something. Rush is probably right about what that something is.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]