If You Watched ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ This Christmas, You’re Officially Sexist

It’s hard to understand how liberals are even able to get out of bed each day when you consider the fact that everything seems to trigger them. Everything is racist. Everything is sexist. Everything is bigoted. It has to be exhausting just getting through every single day.

We all know that Christmas in and of itself makes a lot of liberals unhappy since it basically forces them to acknowledge the existence and importance of the Christian faith. However, you’d think that they could at least learn to tolerate the occasional Christmas movie. For many Americans, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ embodies everything that’s great about Christmas. It’s not officially Christmas until that movie comes on TV. We’ve all seen it a million times. Many of us have even memorized the lines. It doesn’t matter. It’s a timeless classic.

Surprise. Surprise. Liberals are upset about it.

Here’s the ridiculous complaint…

From Breitbart:

CNN writer Carol Costello says she has “cooled to classics like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’” lamenting that in a post-Harvey Weinstein world, she can never again watch that movie “in the same way [she] did when [she] was a kid” because she keeps wondering if it is “inherently sexist.”

“And that’s a good thing,” she adds.

Seen through the revisionist prism of radical feminism, the classic Frank Capra film starring James Stewart and Donna Reed becomes part of a patriarchal plot to keep women subjected to men.

After all, “if gorgeous, brilliant Mary had never met her George Bailey,” she would have never ended up working in a library, Costello suggests. Poor Mary threw away a stellar career for the mere love of a man.

Here’s more.

From The Daily Wire:

Then she gets to her real point, finally: “Old-fashioned songs, plays and ballets are a part of the real world. They can influence the way kids think about gender roles. Perhaps it is time we retire these dinosaurs and bask in a brighter, more equitable future. It’s happening right under our noses.”

Yes, a little boy right now is innocently drinking egg nog and trying to peak into the presents under tree, but because “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is playing, he’ll grow up to be a horrible misogynist. There’s no way around to stop that now.

“I cooled to classics like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’? Kinda. I most certainly will never watch that movie or hear that song in the same way I did when I was a kid. And that’s a good thing,” she smugly says. Oh, so enlightened!

Double ugh. You can click the above CNN link to read the whole mess. But we’re going to go put on “It’s A Wonderful Life” while blaring “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” That might hold them off another day.

Good grief.

When conservatives don’t agree with certain things or messages in movies they just don’t watch them. They don’t pen obnoxious and condescending op-eds with ridiculous conclusions about how the people who watch those movies are bad people. Reading articles like that are just plain strange. It’s hard to even come to terms with the fact that people are upset about such a wholesome and harmless movie that is filled with so many important messages.

Keep it up liberals. This is why you’re a party dominated by coastal elites. Right here.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]