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American News was founded by Josh Riddle and David Rufful with a mission of reporting the truth and facts to America 24/7.

Josh and David started building websites as freshmen roommates at Dartmouth College in May 2009. They both also played college basketball and edited for the preeminent college newspaper, The Dartmouth Review. Prior to Dartmouth, Josh and David both studied at Northfield Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts.

Founders of American News, David Rufful (left) and Joshua Riddle (right)

Without any funding or outside support, Josh and David have built several of the largest websites in the world, which are regularly ranked among the Top 100 Desktop sites and Top 75 Mobile sites in the US. They have appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher, Fox & Friends, Huckabee, VH1’s Best Week Ever, The Huffington Post, Playboy Magazine, The O’Reilly Factor, Daily Kos, Power Line Blog, MTV and many other nationally syndicated radio stations, major web outlets, and national television programs.

Josh and David maintain exclusive ownership and control of the website. American News has been profitable throughout its entire history.

Mission Statement

It is our mission and duty at American News to report the truth and facts to America 24/7.

In a technological era driven fiercely by the mainstream media, we believe in publishing content that is newsworthy, significant and important to public interest, even if it might otherwise violate our Website Standards outlined below.

American News raises awareness about issues that are important to the American people. This means that you may encounter opinions that are different from yours, which we believe can lead to important conversations about difficult topics. Please keep in mind that something that may be disagreeable or disturbing to you may not violate our Website Standards.

American News publishes a balanced mix of straightforward news reports and opinion pieces that provide substantive commentary and insight into the issues affecting every American. Every day, people come to American News to read our articles, comment with their opinions and share content with their friends. Our community standards ensure a safe and friendly environment that brings the country closer together.

Website Standards

American News does not allow for abusive content. If anything can cause physical harm or direct threats to public safety, we remove content and comments, disable accounts, and work with law enforcement. American News does not allow certain content on its website, including, but not restricted to, the display of nudity and sexual activity, violent or graphic content, and speech that directly attacks people based on their race, ethnicity, sex, religion, disabilities or diseases.

In accordance with our privacy policy, we work hard to help keep your account secure and protect your personal information. By accessing American News website, we ask that you respect our Terms Of Use, our copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights.

For questions about our company mission or to report a violation of our website standards, please contact us.

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